Yes! Our lolita dresses will be back!


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Our first print, which was titled simply "Nurse" was the first and currently only release. It had such an overwhelmingly positive response (selling out in two days!) that we were forced to reconsider our manufacturing process which is what we're doing now! 

The Nurse print was born out of a desire for an intricate creepy-cute style print, made in colorways that were able to reflect styles outside of the creepy-cute fashion. We strive to appeal to a range of sub-styles by taking the colorways of each print in unique directions. 

The second print named "Court of Dolls" features ball jointed dolls at a Marie Antoinette style lavish tea party, with accompanying decor, treats, and lingerie. Please visit our Facebook page to see more pictures including close-ups of the artwork. 

Both of these prints will be seen again soon, though their style may change slightly. We are excited to share these prints and new ones with you, after we have finished restructuring. It is always our goal to continue providing a range of sizes in many diverse styles!